Monday, April 11, 2011

Video Update - Hello After All This Time, and HEBREW RING!


  1. Yaay you're back!! =) I guess I'm awesome because I watched the entire video lol. I'm sorry to hear you had a tough break-up..I know how that is. But, what glorious hope we have in JESUS! It was wonderful to be able to see your sweet face and hear your heart. I can see and hear the depth of your passion when you talk about your love for your future husband. I long to be married one day as well...and I never want to settle. I want to wait for God's best...a man that God made for me...a man that is passionately pursuing Christ. So glad your back in the "blog world." Can't wait to read/watch more!

  2. Oh Hannah! So good to hear from you! I've missed you and your joyful/fun/live-giving comments and blog posts! Which site is the main one you are writing on? Is it possible that you've restricted your access to some of them? Basically, if I want to keep up with what you're up to these days, where do I go?!

  3. :) I must be awesome 'cause I listened to the whole thing! It was a treasure to meet you. I loved the way you present yourself. You sound like a really neat person - so lets be neighbors :)

    Jesus is more than enough! Yes He is. I've been divorced for 13 years - was married for 26 - isn't that weird? And I married the ONLY guy I ever dated.

    Keep holding out for the real deal - So glad to hear that you have been praying for your future husband. God is preparing him for you. He must be as much in love with Jesus as you are. Nothing less would do.

    I love the ring. It would be nice if you took a close up pic for us to see. I bought a gold band with 4 rubies and 3 diamonds for my left hand sometime after my divorce. I am my Beloved's warrior Bride. The rubies remind me of His blood shed for me - and how it covers me - from beginning to end.

    As I said earlier - "Welcome Home"

    Patrina <")>><

  4. ahh i haven't been aware that you were following my blog :) i am blessed to read what i have, and i watched your video also! I know that Jesus is so enthralled by your devotion to Him, amidst your longing for a husband.. Be encouraged, our God is a caring and protective Abba Father and would not give you a man that He did not approve first ;)

    don't know if you've seen this video, it's a slam poetry by Jeanette...Ikz called "I will wait for you." :) Be blessed!

  5. Your video was such an encouragement to me tonight! Wow. I am so thankful that I stumbled across your blog! I will be following it regularly so I look forward to more posts! :)


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