Saturday, July 10, 2010

Absolute Surrender - But How?

What would it look like it a 20 something year old girl completely lived by the Spirit. What would happen to her life? What would happen to the people around her? How would it change her? How would it change the world?

I'm on a journey. A journey toward discovering all I was ever meant to be in Christ.

I have decided to absolutely surrender my life to Christ.

What that looks like, I don't know.

I'm not even sure I know how to do it.

Scratch that. I know that I don't know how to do it.

But something within me is calling out to the realm of the unseen. Something within me wants to reach out and pull down Heaven and bring it to Earth. Something with me is being awakened and unlocked.

My Bridegroom is coming, and I want to be ready. I want to step into my destiny - I want to step into all that God created me to be.

So my question is, dear reader, what are the practical steps toward a life of "absolute surrender"?


  1. wow! This is beautiful. The words feel like my own. You are a true kindred spirit. Let's discover together what absolute surrender to our King Jesus means! I too want to know what it means to live in and by the Spirit, at all times. We must renew our minds. What does this mean exactly? All I know is my Prince is calling me away and He is giving me the desperate desire for more of HIM! for ALL that He is!

  2. Hannah is is just a delight to hear from you! Wow, you commented on every single one of my posts! You have no idea how much that means to me that you would take the time to read my words! I feel so blessed. Anyway, now I get to respond. :-)

    Yes - I've been reading through your comments on my blog and the posts on your blog, and I do believe we are indeed kindred spirits. And I'm astounded you brought up "renewing our minds" - that is EXACTLY the verse that God has been speaking to me when it comes to surrendering to him. I hear it several times a day from several different places - I'll run across it in a book or someone (like you!) will say it to me. I think God is trying to get at something. :) It's amazing to be relentlessly pursued by the Prince. I'm with you - let's go after this together!

  3. ahh relentlessly pursued by the Prince...he is such a romantic. :)

    He has been speaking that verse to me SO much lately as well..I see and hear it everywhere, it seems!


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