Friday, July 16, 2010

Further In

Deep mysteries echo secrets within my soul.
A call. A beckon. A distant song.
What is it? Who is it?
Whose voice do I hear?
And what is he saying?

Further in.

The calm, low voice murmurs right next to my ear.
I whip around, bewildered.

Who - who are you?
Where are you?
Show yourself!

Further in!

Through these vines? These thick trees?
These brambles?
But where is the path?

Trust me.

But can I?
I'm afraid. I'm discouraged. I don't have the strength.

There it is again, now a faint whisper on the wind.
I can barely make it out...

Further in.

Deep breath.
I will have to make the choice - stay where I am, or run after a Being I don't understand.
Trust a mystery greater than myself
Trust a distant song that pulls at my heartstrings
or forever regret that I didn't risk everything to follow the call.

And so, I begin to run.


  1. wow wow wow!! this is so beautiful. I love writing poems to my's a link to some of the poems I've shared on my blog:

    p.s. I'm glad you only have as many posts as you do, or I'd be reading all day to catch up! They are so good! I would like to share a link to your blog on my blog, if you don't mind?

  2. thank you Hannah! I have never posted my poems or writings or whatever they are (i'm not even sure if it's free verse or WHAT it is), because I don't know what the "rules" are and I don't feel that creative when it comes to that - but I realized I just need to start doing it and exercising the little bit of creativity I have so that God will give me more! I can't wait to check out your poems!
    You can totally share a link of my blog! I would love that! You're too sweet. :-)

  3. I don't think there are any rules when expressing your love to the Lord! That's when I've found my best creativity! It's like the Lord gives me words.


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