Thursday, July 15, 2010

Faith vs Belief

I'm a youth leader at my church's youth group. And I love it. I get more out of being there and more blessed by the kids than they are by me. Ha!  It's awesome how God can be so good to us like that. We pour into others, but we get so much more back than we ever pour.  And then we just overflow even MORE onto others, and then we get MORE from's this amazing Upside Down Kingdom thing (or as I've heard others call it - the RIGHTside Up Kingdom, because that's how it should be).

Anyway - at youth group we've been talking about the difference between belief vs. faith.

Belief is a mental agreement that something is true.

Faith is Confident Active Trust - we take an action based on that belief, and in doing so, we are acting in faith. 

So, for example, there's a lot of people who believe in God. They believe He exists. They believe He is real.

But they don't have faith.  They haven't put confident active trust in God.  They don't ACT on it.

It was a cool topic to discuss because I was able to examine areas of my life where I have belief, but not faith. For example, I believe that God heals today, that he does miracles, that he wants his sons and daughters to prophesy, that he wants to pour out his Spirit, that he wants to do supernatural things in us and through us...I  believe all that, but I don't have faith for it. Because, if I did have faith, then I would be acting on it - I would be laying my hands on the sick and praying for them to get healed, I would be going around asking God to give me words of knowledge for people, I would be walking in the supernatural!  Which by the way, if you haven't caught on to this yet - I DO want to walk in the supernatural!  I want to walk into my destiny as a daughter of God and see miracles and watch people come to Christ by the thousands, no, tens of thousands (hey, you gotta dream big for your life!), and  see nations changed by the raw power of God!  YEAH!

Through our discussion at youth group and my own self-evaluation, I realized I needed to take drastic steps to exercise faith - to put my belief into action!

I am going to be joining an evangelism outreach team in my city!  Oh my goodness, I'm terrified!  But I'm excited!!!!!  I already emailed the lady in charge, and am waiting to hear back about what team they want to put me on.  So I'm going to go out with 5 or 6 people and start getting words of knowledge over people and praying for people to get healed.  AHHHHHH!!!  And I'm going to start writing about it in my blog, as soon as it all begins. PRAY FOR ME!  :-)

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  1. Wow! Awesome! I will definitely be praying for you! In sounds like you have a lot of exciting things going on in your city! What city do you live in? I'm in Raleigh, NC. I would LOVE to get involved in something like this. God wants us to have BIG faith! And ask BIG things, expecting Him to be faithful..He is really building my faith lately. Through hearing testimonies of others, watching certain uplifting movies (such as 'Faith Like Potatoes' and "The Hiding Place.') And reading awesome books about set-apart men and women in the past and present.

    By the way, all those other posts were from me, Hannah Rose, from I was signed into my other email address...sorry about that!


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