Friday, July 16, 2010

Dreams vs Reality

Must we really choose between dreams and reality? What if our dreams are God's reality? 
Maybe there's only one door to walk through, and the real question is, will we walk through the door, or will we stay where we are?


  1. What if our dreams are God's reality? But I often find myself questioning, what if my dreams are my reality, and how do I distinguish the difference between what is from me and what is of Him? Should we stay, or should we walk? I love the picture. And I'm so glad you find my blog so that I could find yours! and WOW, I loved your about me, it resonates with me in so many ways!!

  2. This is very thought-provoking. I see Miss Kala Brooke's post right above mine. ;)

    this is awesome...I just had a dream last night that I was in Heaven with the angels and with the Lord. And He clothed me in His protection. It felt so real. I woke up this morning, with His presence so known and real to me. It was such a gift from the's the first dream I've ever had with God in it. I didn't really see what He looked like in my dream, but I knew it was Him.

  3. I responded to Kala's post on her own blog, because I wasn't sure if she'd see that I had responded if I did it on my own blog. It doesn't seem like Blogger gives notifications if you write a post on someone else's blog, and then th owner of that blog responds right below you...unless I'm missing something. You did mention, Hannah, that by subscribing by email one can get notified of a response to a comment. So, I know that I can do that in the future if I want to see if someone responded to my comment on their blog, however I don't know how to make sure that OTHER people are subscribing by email so that they will know that I've responded to THEM. Does that make sense or am I talking in circles? I'm almost confusing myself...haha.

    What an amazing dream - I hope you write your dreams down. I don't really remember my dreams, and I certainly don't have very vivid ones. I've been going to be at night asking God to give me spiritual dreams. I hope he does it soon! It seems very exciting to get a dream from God, that you KNOW is him saying something to you.

    I can't believe you had a dream WITH God in it - that is so amazing. To be honest - sometimes I'm scared about asking God to see him. I've sat in my room before, huddles up against my headboard...and asked "Jesus, could you just come and visit me right now, in bodily form? Because that would be really incredible..." And then all of a sudden I get scared at the thought of his holiness filling the room, and so I always end up saying "okay, okay, I'm not sure I could handle seeing you."
    It's kind of a weird thing I'm going through right now. I don't know if you've ever experienced, actual Fear of God. Which, I think it's a healthy thing, but at the same time, I really want to see God!!!

  4. going to bed* at night.

    Sorry - my keyboard isn't the best and it eats my letters sometimes.

  5. I think some people don't subscribe to get follow-up least, I've found that to be true on my own blog. maybe you could add where you wrote: "I would love to hear from anyone and everyone...please feel free to post a comment!" for people to subscribe to the post so they will receive follow-up comments. just a suggestion.

    I've been having SO many dreams lately. And I actually just started writing them down the past week or so after meeting a couple of awesome,sold-out-for-Jesus women who were talking about the importance of dreams. I guess I really didn't realize what a blessing dreams can be!

    I TOTALLY know what you mean about having the fear of God. It is a healthy thing, I think. :)


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